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The Thessalian Mt. Pelion lies between the Aegean and the Pagasitikos Gulf, from Keramidi to the overhang of Trikeri. The lush vegetation along with the background endless blue of the sea make up a mythical landscape, a fact recognized since ancient times. Here was the place where the battle of the Titans took place as well as the sacred cave of “Extreme Zeus”. In this cave, people went to ask Zeus to send rain on the hottest day of the year in July. In these hillsides Peleus married his second wife, the Nereid Thetis, who gave birth to Achilles. The dense forests were inhabited by the centaurs of Pelion, the most famous among them being Chiron.

The train of Pilion (1895 - 1971) was a dynamic element of culture and development and strongly marked the history of our place. Evaresto De Chirico, the father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico, using local craftsmen, designed and built between the hills and olive groves of the mountain of the Centaurs, one of the nicest railway tracks in the world, width 60 cm, a project that will always be admired for its high aesthetic, morphological harmony and the perfection of its construction. The legendary "Moutzouris" started operating recently thanks to the struggles of his "Friends" and climbs back to Pilion at 25 km / hour.

n the villages of Pelion you will find very interesting museums. Here are the best of them:

The ART MUSEUM of sculptor Nicolas (in the first floor of the municipal building of Saint George Village)
The museum houses some of the most representative works of the great artist and sculptor Nicholas. Housed on the 1st floor of the municipal building in his hometown of St. George, Pelion.
There you can admire 22 bronze, for the most part, sculptures. All of them are full bodied, except one which is the bust of Christ. 9 of the 22 are of bigger than life size. Of special interest are also the engravings by Nicholas, 13 woodcuts, 1 copperplate and 16 medals. In two wooden display cases, visitors can see and inspect the work tools, drawings, prints patterns, as well as handwritten letters and personal belongings of the famous sculptor and engraver.

Within the lush vegetation of Pelion you can stroll along the old stone-paved paths, known as "kalderimia" which along with the trails were the "old road network of Pelion”, through which the transportation of goods took place with the use of animals. The streets were built by local masons and the renowned artisans who came from Epirus. Beautiful arched bridges and large public fountains of great architectural design adorn these journeys. In the later years, the opening of a modern road network and the abandonment of the paths in the dense vegetation have resulted in their destruction.
In recent years, local authorities funded by the European Union and supported by the National Tourism Organization, restored, preserved, enhanced, marked and mapped 29 beautiful stone paved paths and trails, which have a total length of 190 km.

Thousands of visitors come from all over Greece to the famous ski resort "Agriolefkes every year, enjoying the ski facilities.
Along with skiing, you can participate in other activities such as snowboarding, mountain artillery ski and why not snowball fights.
Pelion is famous for its crystal clear seas on both the Aegean and Pagasitikos Gulf creating the ideal conditions for diving and underwater exploration.

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Just 17 km from Volos, on the inner side of the Pagasitikos Gulf.


Each apartment has a balcony and view at the sea of Pagasitikos Gulf and the beach.


Visit the paths of Mount Pelion! Also you can do Ski and other winter sports!

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